Respect Sir/Mam,
I am Anisha Joshi from Chandigarh .I have completed my Graduation in BAIT ( Bechelors of Arts and Information Technology ) from Post Graduated Government College For Girls Sector 42, in year 2022. After that I have Completed 2 Internships as a Frontend Developer. First one is in CollegeKampus Pvt Ltd and Second one is Delta 4 Infotech Pvt Ltd. Both Internships is for 6 months. In my Internships I have learnt lots of valuable skills like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. And also worked in many frameworks like Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, SCSS/SASS, Styled Components, jQuery, React Js and Next Js, WordPress, SEO, Keywords searching and backlinks etc.
I want to contribute my efforts to the growth of the company. I want to join your team and also wanted to learn valueable skills and knowledge, so I will give my 100% efforts.
Thank you
Anisha Joshi